USA Holidays


Diners and Dreams

With 50 states to choose from, you can find whatever you want on a holiday to America. From Alabama to Alaska, New York to New Orleans, the land of dreams has so much history and each state a different story to tell

If you are looking for cosmopolitan cities head to New York or Las Vegas, if you want to relax on sandy beaches visit Florida or California and for outdoor pursuits choose from hiking your way through the national parks, tour the Grand Canyon or Ski in Breckenridge in the Colorado Rockies. No matter how many times you visit you will never see or do it all...

The American dream is right here and with so much choice you won't know where to start! Co-operative Travel can help you find your dream destination in the USA so start your search today!

East Coast

Anywhere along the Atlantic Ocean can lovingly be referred to as 'East Coast' America. With short flight times from the UK, any trip here means you can make the most of your time in the USA. From vibrant New York and fascinating Boston all the way down to sunny Florida - amazing beaches, fantastic seafood and plenty to do for all the family awaits you in this part of America.

West Coast

The pacific Coast (or West Coast) encompasses the coastal states of California, Oregon & Washington. With beautiful landscapes like the Grand Canyon, party fuelled cities such as Las Vegas & San Francisco or the beach filled heaven that is California - West Coast vibe is chilled, relaxed and full of fun for all the family!


Great for Honeymoons, weddings or just a romantic get away... Hawaii's volcanic isles never fail to amaze. While the days away on Honolulu beach, hula dance in a grass skirt, sip cocktails and watch the sunset or ride the waves with some of the best surfing in the world - you will fall in love with Hawaii and its people immediately!

Other Attractions

To try and sum up all of America's attractions in 2 paragraphs would simply not be possible, so some of our top tips are below!

For a family holiday to America head to Disneyland in California or Disneyworld in Florida, for city lovers, gamble on the strip in Las Vegas, go to the top of The Empire State Building in New York, or see the Statue of Liberty, soak up American history and see the White House in Washington.

If its outdoor activities you are after, visit The Everglades in Florida, take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, drive the old Route 66 or trek through Yosemite national Park. Where will you choose first?!

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