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Holidays to the Middle East & Indian Ocean are catching on as people discover the delights of this idyllic region. Picture postcard images of sandy beaches lapped by shallow, turquoise waters and the promise of the holiday of a lifetime are all compelling reasons to book Middle East & Indian Ocean holiday deals.


Of all the Middle East & Indian Ocean holidays the popularity of those to Dubai has rocketed in parallel with the city's ever-growing skyline. Offering amazing state-of-the-art hotels, superb facilities and top-class service Dubai has become one of the Middle East's premier tourist destinations. From mostly barren desert to a world-class tourist playground in less than 10 years is an impressive statement of the ambition of this innovative Emirate. Where else in the world could you spend the afternoon sunning yourself on a glorious beach and the evening skiing in the world's largest indoor ski facility?

Dubai may be the new boy on the block but the Indian Ocean destinations of Goa, the Maldives, Seychelles and Sri Lanka have long been favoured exclusive destinations. Although at the higher end of package holidays to the Middle East & Indian Ocean market these glorious holiday havens continue to be immensely popular and highly desirable.

Goa late deals

India's smallest state Goa retains a unique semi-Mediterranean ambience due to its once Portuguese occupation. With the best beaches in India and a spiritual laid-back approach to life Goa is the ideal place to unwind and discover oneself.

Also in the Indian Ocean The Seychelles is a collection of 115 islands, the majority coral atolls in shallow seas. The sheer beauty of this destination leaves the majority of visitors breathless on first sight. Similar reactions are recorded at the Maldives resort of Male and on the island of Sri Lanka. Both are also high on people's wish list of must-visit Indian Ocean destinations and offer a breathtaking break.

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