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Forget being buffeted by March winds - getting away for a holiday this month means you can visit some of the world's most exotic destinations at a time when they are enjoying the best of the weather - and for a remarkably low price! Whether you fancy lazing on a faraway beach or exploring some of the world's finest cities, you can find a fabulous all-inclusive holiday or package holiday to suit your budget at The Co-operative Travel. Puerto Rico marks the meeting point of modern America and the laid-backCaribbean, and the result is a colourful island with superb weather, fantastic beaches and a fascinating mix of cultures and histories. There are signs of its Spanish heritage all over, in the shape of many old buildings, yet nearby you'll also find modern shopping malls and swish casinos. And if you want to trade the high life for the simple pleasures, you're never far from some of the Caribbean's finest beaches, along with natural treasures in the shape of numerous caves and coral reefs. Nowhere do all the trappings of the island's history come together more startlingly than in Old San Juan, one of the best-preserved old colonial cities in all the Americas. The characteristics which persuaded Admiral Nelson to choose Antigua as the base for Great Britain's Caribbean Fleet in 1784 now make it one of the region's - and the world's - most sought-after holiday destinations.

Enjoy a March holiday in the Caribbean

It offers a superb climate, and its many palm fringed white sandy beaches make this reasonably-priced Caribbean island a magnet for sun-worshippers. Warm, steady winds, an interesting coastline with safe harbours, and a protective wall of coral reef. The clear waters provide excellent swimming, sailing and diving facilities. The most westerly of the Caribbean islands, Antigua is bathed in year-round sunshine, making it an ideal out-of-season destination. With awesome beaches and a fantastic mix of African, Brazilian and Portuguese culture, Cape Verde has been dubbed the African Caribbean. Despite being discovered by the Portuguese in the 15th century, Cape Verde is a far more recent discovery as a holiday destination. But its beaches make you wonder why, when stretches such as Sal and Boa Vista have the sort of sand and sea that people flock to the Caribbean to enjoy. Inland, meanwhile, the landscape of these West African islands is startlingly varied, encompassing anything from arid flatlands to lush valleys and volcanic hills streaked with rivers of frozen lava. It's a football-mad region, while the hub of the town's social scene is the town's squares.

Book a holiday to hong kong in March

Springtime is a great time to sample the extraordinarily vibrant and fantastically atmospheric delights of Hong Kong. During March the weather is cool and the humid conditions of late spring and summer still some way off, which makes this time excellent for satisfying your wanderlust and exploring this unique Asian destination. Amid the amazing skyscrapers you can spot signs of both the traditional Chinese culture and British colonial heritage. Don't miss the charming funicular tram journey up to the famous Victoria Peak viewpoint to enjoy some of the most awe-inspiring views the city has to offer, then take a ferry to the outlying islands, where you will find beaches, fishing villages, ancient temples and a colourful insight into a much more relaxed Hong Kong lifestyle. Noisy and chaotic street markets vie for your attention along with state-of-the-art shopping centres, while the main shopping streets are a wonderfully atmospheric riot of neon lights, karaoke bars and bustling street life. Dining out is a many-faceted experience, ranging from the fun and relaxed street cafes, through traditional Chinese waterfront restaurants to first-class gourmet establishment found in the best Hong Kong hotels. A fine collection of museums, galleries and cultural centres also provides a relaxing break from Hong Kong's fast-paced excitement. At the other extreme, if your holiday coincides with a race night at the Happy Valley racecourse, don't miss the chance to experience the city's residents going gambling-crazy. March and April are for the most part dry but the weather can be quite variable. Humidity in Hong Kong is less severe at this time of year and evenings remain pleasantly warm.

Indulge your cultural side on a holiday to Luxor

The remarkable Nile Valley city ofLuxor is home to more prestigious tombs and monuments than anywhere else in Egypt, and great archaeological discoveries dating back as many as 4,000 years have unearthed proof of its past as a major centre of ancient Egyptian civilisation. A highly hospitable city, with every type of accommodation available, from small family hotels, to luxury spa hotels and beautiful holiday apartments, you will also find a world of cuisine and great nightlife. Luxor is the site of the famous city of Thebes - the city of a hundred gates and home to great nobles and Pharaohs. This was the capital of Egypt from the 12th dynasty (1991 BC) until the period known as the New Kingdom, 1570 to 1100 BC. In Luxor's East Bank lies the iconic Karnak Temple which features three temples built and enlarged over a 1,300-year period. Across the Nile in Luxor's West Bank area, you will find the great Theban necropolis of the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings, including perhaps the best-known - the tomb of Tutankhamun. Queen Hatshepsut's Mortuary Temple and the two giant statues known as the Colossi of Memnon are also here. Sight-seeing will take up a great deal of your time in Luxor, but also allow yourself the treat of a felukka boat ride on the Nile, and don't forget to explore the colourful cafes, restaurants, shops and March is considered one of the best months for a holiday to Luxor with seven to eight hours of sunshine, and temperatures of around 22C.

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