Late Deals

Looking for a late-deal holiday? As one of UK's largest travel providers, we sell hundreds of fantastic late holiday deals If you're sick of the British weather and feel the need to escape to warmer weathers, then why not be spontaneous and treat yourself to a late holiday deal. Many of the suppliers that we work with have seats and beds to fill and will reduce their prices at the very last minute. Can you get your bags packed and your passport ready in that time? If so, then why not chance a very last-minute holiday deal?

To save you time, you can book your holiday extras with The Co-operative Travel. From airport parking to ordering your holiday currency, you will find everything that you need to enhance your holiday on one site. Generally speaking, the cheapest seasons tend to be May to June and October to November, but there are still plenty of great late holiday deals available throughout the year. The lates holiday season is classed as any holiday that departs 8 weeks from your booking date. So you don't necessarily have to travel at very short notice to find a late holiday bargain. The key to late holiday deals is flexibility. Be as flexible as possible with dates, destination and accommodation. If you can, try to avoid flying over the weekend, or during the school holidays which tend to be very popular. Think outside the box; do you really want a 7 night holiday, or could you stay for 6, 8 or 9 nights? You may even find that a 9 night holiday is cheaper than 7 nights! Likewise, be flexible as possible with your flights. Could you fly out from a regional airport that you haven't considered before? Would you mind taking a night flight or a non-direct flight? All these factors will help you to secure a fantastic late holiday deal.

Popular last-minute holiday destinations include Turkey, The Canaries, The Balearics and holidays to Egypt, where warm weather is virtually guaranteed all year round. If you don't have a specific destination in mind then this could well work in your favour. Booking at the last minute is a fantastic way of picking up a bargain to a holiday destination that you?ve always dreamed of, but seemed too expensive.

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