Cheap January Holidays

Take in some winter sun in Spain

Whether your ultimate holiday desire is for sun, snow or sights, you can kick off your year by getting your fill of them all from The Co-operative Travel. Easier travel has brought the sunshine within far closer reach, even when the nights at home are long. Check out these ideas for dodging the freezing weather, and book your choice of holiday easily and quickly online with us. You may be quite surprised to learn that 'the further the better' doesn't necessarily apply when you're trying to find a winter sun holiday destination. An all-inclusive holiday or package holiday in Lanzarote or Tenerife can be blessed with equally good weather as more distant destinations, such as Sharm-el-Sheikh and the Dominican Republic.

Enjoy the sunshine in Lanzarote

The main difference between the latitudes lies in the consistency of the temperatures - for example, in Lanzarote, while they typically vary between 14 and 22 degrees C - still positively balmy for January, in Sharm, daytime temperatures stay almost constant at around 18 degrees. In all cases, that's perfectly adequate for sunbathing, while sea temperatures stay consistently above the air temperatures by 4-5 degrees, making for comfortable conditions in the water. And of course, in all these destinations you've got the added benefit of the beaches being at their least crowded, so you can stretch out and feel far more relaxed!

Plan a sightseeing trip to Bangkok

That means Bangkok is one location which comes to the fore, as it offers the chance to choose the type of holiday you prefer - the weather is reliable enough for a beach holiday, but also sufficiently temperate to make sightseeing pleasurable. In fact, as there is less emphasis on the bustle of the city's nightlife at this time, January can be one of the best months for spending days exploring the many temples, before enjoying the more relaxed ambience of the city's jazz and cocktail bars. Penang in Malaysia is similar to Bangkok in offering a consistent climate, making sightseeing a pleasure, even in January, and the beaches of Batu Ferringhi an enticing prospect in any British winter. What better antidote can there be to our January gloom than waking up in one of the city's hotels with a view to the Indian Ocean under all-embracing blue skies? Many hotels are just a short walk from the beach, while much of the architecture has a familiar look, thanks to its colonial origins, especially around George Town.

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