Cairns Holidays


A perfect base for exploring the Great Barrier Reef

Enjoying a superb coastal location in Northern Queensland, the city of Cairns is a perfect base for exploring the Great Barrier Reef and picturesque Pacific coast on a holiday with The Co-operative Travel.

A relaxing, tropical climate, which sees temperatures even in the winter hardly falling below the mid-20s Celsius, ensures the city's popularity as a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday destination from not just the rest of Australia, but the world over.

Sport fishing is a major pastime around here, with top exponents travelling from all over the world during the marlin season, seeking to realise their dream of landing a 'grander', or 1,000kg-plus specimen. Nature and the marine life of the northern coast also form the star attractions at the region's best theme parks, such as Undersea World and Marlin Marina, conveniently located right by the pier, where you can get close to the fish which anglers regard as the holy grail of all catches.

The northern coast is just 12 miles from Cairns, its superb beaches lined with palm trees and boasting plenty of shaded, grassy areas ideal for that great Aussie institution, the barbie. Enclosed swimming areas, usually marked by large nets, also ensure that the waters are kept safe.

Explore The Great Barrier Reef on a Cairns holiday

The Great Barrier Reef is a similar distance out into the ocean, and several boat operators offer trips allowing divers to descend to some of the choicest coral gardens, or the less adventurous to enjoy a leisurely cruise through the reef for anything between two and seven days.

There's an ample choice of places to stay for your Cairns holiday, ranging right from simple B&B's, through well-equipped beachfront apartments, to the all-out luxury of five-star accommodation and facilities.

The Northern Beach area also offers good choices of accommodation for your Cairns holiday, and the beach areas themselves have seen considerable residential development as more affluent Cairns residents seek their 'work in the city, live by the beach' ideal.

The beaches are idyllic stretches of golden sand, fringed by palm trees and washed by stretches of clear blue water.

Cairns' cuisine is very varied, with good old fish and chips available by the coast, and not too far away, Indian, Italian, Japanese and Thai restaurants all vying for your custom.

A Cairns holiday is about far more than just the riches lying just off its shore. With lovely surroundings, long stretches of perfect beach and amazing choice of places to stay, it's a complete Australian holiday experience. Check with The Co-operative Travel today for late deals and last minute holidays to Cairns Aus.

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