New York City Breaks


Shopping & Skyscrapers

Everywhere you turn is a movie scene and as the many clichés of the Big Apple come to life in front of your eyes you feel you have been here before somehow. You simply cannot fail to get wrapped up in New York life from its swanky Manhattan hotels to trendy Greenwich Village nightlife, a fantasy of a perfect, happy life in this city never fails to inspire, amaze and engage visitors of any age. Post 9/11 there has been an extra warmth to New York and its people...a devotion to all things America and a resilience for anything thrown at them. Speaking to any local from the hot dog vendor to the yellow taxi cab driver, you will find everyone has a story, this is the city of dreams, enjoy yours

Empire State Building

Going to New York and missing the Empire State building is like taking a shower without water. Standing 102 stories high and the most recognisable symbol of the city, this legendary building offers some of the best views over NYC. It is romantic, symbolic and whether you are off to meet your sweetheart...sleepless in Seattle style... on Valentine's Day, or want to watch the hazy sun set over the city in summer you will not regret making it high on your hit list.


This architectural gem inspires before you have even entered the building. Home to various works of art it has played host to Picasso's, Monet, Van Gogh and Kandinsky's amongst many other world famous artists. The amazing spiral layout means you won't miss any of the gems and with new exhibitions popping up you can go 100 times and never be bored.

Bloomingdales / Macys

Do a Sex and the City style City break in New York and shop endlessly on 5th Avenue... hunt out sales at Bloomingdales and Macys and fill those little brown bags until the credit card can take no more! Don't forget your excess baggage allowance!

Other attractions

Ground Zero - Everyone remembers where they were when JFK was shot, when Princess Diana died and when 9/11 happened. Pay your respects here at the sight to the thousands who lost their lives and remember that New York is more than just a city, it is one with spirit. Central Park - Why not take a break from the pace of city life and treat yourself to a horse and carriage ride, rollerblade or stroll around the largest Green Space in New York. Great for kids, you can visit the Zoo, boathouse or carousel and be sure of a fun day! Yankee Stadium - For any sporting fan a trip to the Yankee Stadium has to top the list - grab some cheap seats up in the nosebleeds and watch baseball history in the making!