What’s the Best Board Basis for You?

Planning your family holiday can be really exciting and something to look forward to. With the variety of board options on offer it can make choosing your holiday type difficult. Have you often wondered what All Inclusive is and what the difference is between Full and Half Board?

It’s important to choose the perfect package to suit you so you can enjoy a holiday that’s stress-free. I’ve tried various board options and each provides a different experience, so I’ve listed the pros and cons of each to help you decide what’s right for you.

Room Only (RO)

What do I get?

On a Room Only basis you get a room with a bed and a bathroom. There are no cooking facilities, utensils or storage for food and you won’t get breakfast.

Pros: You’ll find most city breaks are Room Only accommodation. The hotels are usually situated in the heart of the city allowing you to easily explore all the main sights. It’s ideal if you’re on a business trip and have meetings to attend or if you’re staying at an airport hotel and need to catch an early morning flight.

Cons: It can cause hassle if you need to search for restaurants which suit everyone’s tastes. Also if you like to stick to a budget it can be tricky as you’ll be eating out for three meals a day.


Self Catering (SC)

What do I get?

You won’t be provided with any meals though you will have a kitchen or kitchenette, equipped with all you need to prepare your own food.

Pros: On Self Catering you can cook and eat meals whenever you want to rather than searching for a restaurant to satisfy your hunger or waiting for meal times at your hotel. Better still, you can save money by buying your groceries from a local supermarket instead of paying to eat out. If you do fancy trying the local cuisine you still have the opportunity to do so as and when you please.

Cons: Most hotels have their own restaurant and the resorts themselves have many tantalising options so you could be tempted to splurge on meals you don’t have to prepare.

Bed and Breakfast (BB)

What do I get?

You’ll receive a breakfast every morning, which is included in the cost of your holiday. Lunch and dinner are not provided so you’ll need to buy these at the hotel or a local restaurant.

Pros: It’s great to wake up and know you’ve got a tasty breakfast waiting for you. With your energy replenished you can head out for a day of activities or exploring and find meals and snacks whenever you need them during the rest of the day.

Cons: If your hotel is located in the resort centre you won’t have any difficulty in finding places to eat lunch and dinner. However, if you’re situated on the edge of a resort your dining options may be limited.


Half Board (HB)

What do I get?

You can expect breakfast and dinner but lunch, drinks and snacks will have to be bought separately.

Pros: Half Board gives you the freedom to go out and see the sights during the day with the knowledge you’ve got a hearty dinner to come back to. You can save money; if you fill up on breakfast and dinner you’ll only need to buy a snack for lunch.

Cons: You could feel restricted as you may feel the need to cut outings short in order to get back to your hotel in time for dinner. And remember all drinks have to be paid for.

Full Board (FB)

What do I get?

The difference between Half Board and Full Board is that lunch is included as well as breakfast and dinner with Full Board. Drinks and snacks cost you extra.

Pros: This option is ideal for those who simply want to chill by the pool and not head far from the hotel. It can also be a good choice for those watching their finances. After enjoying your dinner you can check out the local nightlife and find a bar for a drink or two.

Cons: It could stop you venturing out far from your hotel as you want to get value for money.  Therefore I wouldn’t recommend it for those who love discovering their surroundings and trying new experiences.Buffet-AI-SeabankResortSpa-FW

All Inclusive (AI)

What do I get?

All meals, snacks and drinks. A good majority of hotels also provide daily activities and evening entertainment, which you would otherwise have to pay for.

Pros: Perfect for families as it takes out all the stress of having to find a restaurant with a menu everyone likes. All Inclusive is the most cost-effective board basis. As everything is included, all you need to worry about is spending money.

Cons: The only negative is that you may miss variety. Many hotels host different theme nights in their buffet restaurants to add diversity, however it can make a holiday more memorable by sampling the delights in the local restaurants.

Do you have a preferred board basis? Do you want to try something different? Let me know your thoughts below.

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