The Hunt for Year-Round Sunshine

When planning your big holiday abroad, you may think you need to go in June/July/August for hot and sunny destinations. While that might be the warmest part of our year here in the UK, it certainly doesn’t mean that’s the case everywhere else. There are countless destinations to choose from that are glowing in the sun at different times of year. In some of them, the sun never stops shining!

Getting away at a specific time of year can be difficult with work, school or family commitments to think of. So that’s why I’ve found the very best destinations for guaranteed sun at any time of year. So no matter your situation, you can always find time for a fantastic getaway.


Where’s hot? Cuba
Average high for January: 27⁰C

A getaway with a difference. Not only is Cuba home to white powdery beaches and inviting turquoise waters, it’s buzzing with a rich, vibrant culture and exciting sense of flair. It also has an interesting history and national identity that’s well worth exploring in the vintage city of Havana.



Where’s hot? The Gambia
Average high for February: 33⁰C

Known as the ‘Smiling Coast of Africa’ The Gambia is a great spot for guaranteed winter sunshine. Beautiful, yet incredibly affordable, The Gambia is the perfect combination and offers a truly authentic experience. Immerse yourself in the local way of life and relax on fabulous beaches.



Where’s hot? Mexico
Average high for March: 29⁰C

Sizzling with a spicy cultural flavour, you can’t help but get swept up by the vibe in Mexico. Kicking back on white sand one moment, in the middle of a fiesta the next. If you’re interested in history, you must visit the ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins; the mysterious Kukulcan Pyramid is a particular highlight.



Where’s hot? Egypt
Average high for April: 30⁰C

Soaked in the African sun, Sharm el Sheikh is home to some of the very best diving locations in the whole world, let alone just Egypt. The coral reefs and tropical fish make for an entirely new marine paradise below the surface. Hurghada sits on the picturesque coastline and is also great for visits to Cairo and Luxor. So there’s no excuse for not visiting the mesmerising Pyramids of Giza or the Valley of the Kings.



Where’s hot? Turkey
Average high for May: 26⁰C

With jaw-dropping scenery, exciting activities and bustling bazaars, Turkey has a resort for all tastes; each with their own unique charm and character. If you’re looking for natural beauty, a visit to Ölü Deniz, with its stunning blue lagoon beach, is one that will blow you away.



Where’s hot? Zante
Average high for June: 28⁰C

If you’ve ever seen pictures of Zante, you must have seen the iconic Smugglers’ Cove. Famous for its shipwreck, the immaculate cove can only be reached by boat; something I highly recommend. As well as stunning beaches, the island is home to some of Greece’s best nightlife and authentic cuisine.



Where’s hot? Portugal
Average high for July: 28⁰C

You’ll find quaint villages and a beautiful coastline in Portugal. The glorious beaches of the Algarve are a popular spot for a fantastic summer holiday that’s also close to home. Brits love Albufeira’s long stretches of golden beach, and there’s some fantastic golf to be played too.



Where’s hot? Tenerife
Average high for August: 26⁰C

The largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is full of interesting things to do. A wide range of activities and attractions to suit fun families and couples alike. Venture out with a relaxing boat trip or exciting 4×4 tour, or perhaps pay a visit to Loro Parque or Siam Park, just a couple of the island’s top sites.



Where’s hot? Ibiza
Average high for September: 28⁰C

You might know Ibiza as the party capital of Europe, but it’s much more than wild nights and loud music. The summer closing parties are some of the biggest events, but it doesn’t just shut down for the year afterwards. Ibiza Town is UNESCO-listed and is well worth a visit, as is the pretty and peaceful San Antonio Bay. To top it all off, don’t miss the stunning island sunsets.



Where’s hot? Cyprus
Average high for October: 27⁰C

Sun-drenched Cyprus is an island steeped in ancient history, mythology and culture. The wonderful result of the Romans, Greeks and Arabs who have inhabited it. Paphos is a personal favourite of mine, you can explore an abundance of ancient ruins, tombs and more, learning so much about the fascinating civilisations who made it what it is today. Cyprus also has some of the largest waterparks in Europe, some of its wildest nightlife, and special beaches.



Where’s hot? Florida
Average high for November: 25⁰C

A holiday to Florida is a holiday filled with magic. The proud home to some of the best theme and waterparks in the world. Of course, Walt Disney World Resort stands supreme, the home of Disney magic and really does make for a holiday like no other. Travelling without kids? There’s still fantastic weather to enjoy and you can shop ‘til you drop along International Drive.



Where’s hot? Cape Verde
Average high for December: 26⁰C

Cape Verde is a hidden gem that’s an excellent option for guaranteed winter sun. Pristine powdery white sands stretch endlessly before your eyes and the waves make for some of the best conditions for exciting watersports. The awe-inspiring and untouched natural beauty of the island is something to behold and a real escape from the ordinary of home life. Cape Verde is also quite the cultural melting pot, with a fantastic mix of authentic African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures that make for a wonderful experience.


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