Our Top 11 Travel Instagram Accounts

Imagining your next holiday destination can be tricky when you’re short of inspiration. Thankfully, you have our support in the visuals department with our curated list of the 11 very best travel Instagrammers.

Not only have we collected all of these snap-happy travel experts in one place, we’ve also asked them to show us their absolute favourite photos and tell us a little about them.

So have a scroll through, your next dream trip could be in here somewhere:

  1. Candice Walsh – Candice Travels: https://www.instagram.com/candicewalsh/

Candice is a freelance writer and traveller currently based in Berlin. We love how she captures both the beautiful scenery and the local people of all the places she visits in her photographs.


“I set off on my first big solo trip in February 2014, setting my sights to Greece. Greece had long been my dream travel destination, especially because I had studied Classics in university.There had never been a ‘right’ time to visit, but heartbreak drove me to the islands. I spent some time in Athens and Santorini before heading here to Naxos. Being alone during Greece’s low season forced me to face a lot of demons. And although I did spend a lot of time alone, I was never lonely. I remember sitting here at the Portara, with no other tourists in sight, breathing the crisp Mediterranean air and feeling suddenly so thankful for my wonderful life.”

  1. Gary – Everything Everywhere: https://www.instagram.com/everythingeverywhere/

Gary is an incredibly well travelled blogger who has won Travel Photographer of the year an impressive two years on the run! His beautifully captured landscapes really caught our eye and earned him a place on our list.

Gary Everything


“This photo was taken on my most recent trip to Paris this May. I was there to shoot video for a travel photography project I’m working on. It was my first time visiting the Eiffel Tower at night, which is a totally different experience than doing so during the day.”

  1. David Hoffman- David’s Been Here: https://www.instagram.com/davidsbeenhere/

David is a successful travel host and producer with his own digital travel media company. His photographs are so rich and diverse you’ll want to visit everywhere he’s been!

“I took this photo of my wife snorkelling with the sea turtles in Akumal Bay, Mexico. We travelled to the Riviera Maya shortly after we were married and we instantly could tell what makes Mexico’s Caribbean coast so alluring. The white sand beaches, amazing cuisine, and friendly locals are just a few things that make the Riviera Maya so special. Swimming with the Green Sea Turtles in Akumal Bay was unforgettable. A constant supply of sea grass supports the turtles year round. Additionally, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef AKA the “Great Mayan Reef” (second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef) keeps the turtles safe from turbulent waters and hungry sharks. You are not allowed to touch them, but swimming among these magnificent creatures is a thrilling experience.”

  1. Lauren – Lola Travels: https://www.instagram.com/loladimarco/

Lauren is a writer and world traveller who loves to find fun wherever she goes. We love the way she weaves elements of mischief and fun into the mix with her beautiful Instagrams.















“An important recent photo in my Instagram gallery is of Machu Picchu, in Peru. Listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Travel World, it had been on my “must see someday” list for a while. I’m thrilled that in late September I was finally able to go there and see this beautiful place. Not only was my time at Machu Picchu great for exploring but I actually hiked a tricky horse trail, the Salkantay Trail, to get there. It was a real adventure – difficult, challenging, beautiful and fun. Not only am I proud of myself for completing the hike, I’m thrilled to have seen Machu Picchu and some of the pretty county of Peru before it all changes too much. If Machu Picchu is on your travel bucket list somewhere, I would strongly suggest you see it sooner rather than later. Parts of this important lost city of the Incas may not be open to the public for all that much longer in order to protect it.”

Lauren DiMarco is the founder and content creator of Lola’s Travels, an independent travel blog that features original city guides, travel tips, hotel and restaurant reviews and off-the-beaten-path finds delivered with a sense of humour. You can follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram as well.


  1. Laurence Norah – Finding The Universe: https://www.instagram.com/lozula/

Laurence is a writer and photographer who loves to capture landscapes in all
their glory. We love the way he captures colour and atmosphere in his images as well as the spirit of the local people.

“The image I’ve chosen is of the Grand Canyon at sunrise. Landscapes are my passion, so obviously the Grand Canyon was something I couldn’t wait to see – even if it did worry me a little that it couldn’t be as good as I hoped. I needn’t have worried! It absolutely blew me away – the sheer enormity was just difficult to comprehend (and shoot!).

This particular shot was taken just after sunrise – I had to get up incredibly early to get to the spot I had chosen, where I found myself all alone for a couple of hours, with just the canyon stretching out before me. Initially, the sunrise didn’t look like it was going to be very exciting, but then the sun started to shine these incredible beams of light into the Canyon – it was incredibly beautiful, and I was so thrilled for nature to put on such a show for me. It was a really moving and wonderful experience, and I’d highly recommend anyone visiting the Grand Canyon to make the effort to catch the sunrise!”

You can find more of Laurence’s Grand Canyon photos in this article here:

  1. The Blonde Gypsy – Larissa: https://www.instagram.com/theblondegypsy/

Larissa is a self-confessed travel addict (who could blame her?) and loves to share her adventures on her blog. Our attention was instantly grabbed by the sheer range of stunning colours she manages to capture in her Instagrams.

“A moment in time along the Albanian coast this past summer that unfortunately won’t have the chance to be repeated again. By next summer, a luxury resort will have sprung up along this serene stretch of the Ionian Sea, a once “virgin beach” that Albania has been making a name for itself with, which is why this photo holds such a special memory for me. Such is the name of the tourism game though, and in the same vein, such discoveries and experiences are what make traveling “off-the-beaten” path so rewarding for many. Cheers to a taste of paradise before it was lost, and cheers to the next paradise to be found.”

  1. Melvin – Travel Dudes: https://www.instagram.com/traveldudes/

Melvin runs the incredible travel community website, Travel Dudes, giving insider hints and tips to travellers. We love the diversity of the destinations he photographs, and how every single one of his photos are so perfectly shot.

“You might have heard of the travel quote: “The journey, not the arrival matters.” by T. S. Eliot, I think this image fits nicely to it. I’ve travelled like crazy through South Africa on this trip and hopped around places far too much. I travelled so much in that week, that it was exhausting. But I’ve experienced also so much, that I don’t want to miss a single day or experience. There was never an actual arrival, at least on the trip itself. Going back home, was the arrival, which is also a nice one. I love to travel, but also to arrive home again.

When I travel I like to be informed upfront on where I go and what awaits me. But then it’s important to free your mind of a schedule, time and an itinerary. I prefer to let go and go with the flow. Those spontaneous decisions are usually the ones which completely stand out and make the trip not just great, but extraordinary. This spontaneity is part of the journey. Do not focus on the arrival.”

  1. Cailin -Travel Yourself: https://www.instagram.com/cailinoneil/

Cailin is a traveller and foodie who blogs about her experiences on Travel Yourself. We love that most of her amazing photos are shot using an iPhone 6, proving you don’t need lots of fancy gadgets to be a top Instagrammer!
“The first time I visited South Africa was in 2012 and while there I saw my first ever wild rhinoceros. My excellent safari guide just so happened to have a HUGE passion for these beautiful animals and has her own not for profit to help raise money for their protection from poaching. Learning about these beautiful animals and seeing her passion ignited a love for them in me as well and a fire to want to help save them. Sadly this October one of the very rhinos that I had seen on another South African trip was found dead after a poaching attempt. A life of a beautiful animal lost all for nothing. The rhino horn is worth more than gold and is believed to have healing powers but it doesn’t. It is made from the same material as finger nails. It can even grow back so there is no need to kill these animals for their horns. These are senseless and horrific acts and each year more and more rhinos are killed by poaching and there are now less than 22,000 left in the wild worldwide. It needs to stop and if my Instagram photo showing how beautiful these animals are can help spread the word and knowledge about what is happening to them to just one person than I feel like I have at least helped their protection in the tiniest way. People can donate to http://www.ourhornisnotmedicine.com

  1. Piritta – Bizarre Globe Hopper: https://www.instagram.com/bizarreglobehopper/

Piritta is a writer, photographer and blogger from Finland who loves adventure. We were inspired by the way she captures every element of the places she visits, from the people to the animals to the plant life.


“I chose this picture because this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Meeting the critically endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in Uganda, was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve had so far. This gorilla was very calm, it just sat there in the bush and observed us back with mutual interest. That very moment felt purely magical! It wasn’t easy to get to the mountain gorillas in the Ruhija tracking sector. This sector is the most remote of the four tracking sectors of Bwindi, and it took us almost 3 hours to get to the gorillas, hiking in a truly impenetrable bush. Our guide cleared the way with a machete so that we could pass on. But it was worth it! The mountain gorillas are very distinctive and encountering them made me realize how close a cousin this species really is for us. Meeting them was one those experiences I will remember for the rest of my life.” You can see more of her posts here: http://www.bizarreglobehopper.com/.

  1. Rob – Stop having a Boring Life: https://www.instagram.com/bloggeries

Rob left his old life behind to embark on an endless journey around the world, blogging about his experiences along the way. We love the diversity of his Instagram photographs which take us from the streets of Edinburgh to the beaches of the Caribbean.


“I’ve selected this from the Isle of Skye because it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Scotland and most of the UK is very scenic and this is one of the most stunning spots I’ve seen while there. The Isle of Skye isn’t just a scenic place but one of the most memorable places I’ve visited in my entire time traveling which has been more than six years and counting. The weather was perfect on this day and the grass was as green as one could imagine. That coupled with the dark blue sea in the background lead to an incredible experience and memories that will last a lifetime. This is one of the few places where I literally felt like was on the set of a fantasy film.”

  1. Jayne – Janey Travels: https://www.instagram.com/jayneytravels/

Jayne is a traveller, Tweeter and excellent Instagrammer based in Sydney. Her collection of stunning beach and island shots is enough to give anyone a serious case of wanderlust.


“This image of Si Kao in Southern Thailand holds so many special memories to me. It was taken on the morning of my 30th birthday by my partner who sat poolside whilst I soaked up the view from the water. Since my first visit to Thailand it has held such a special place in my heart. Exploring the remote islands I fell for the pristine waters, mouth-watering street food and giggles of the locals. That’s why we returned there for my 30th birthday. My partner had another special occasion planned though – shortly after this photo was taken he asked me to marry him. We’ll return to Thailand for the wedding next year!”

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