8 Tips to Make the Most of Airport Downtime

If you’re anything like me and are worried about missing check-in, you may arrive even earlier than the suggested 2-3 hours before your flight. Whilst it’s certainly best to be safe than sorry, it can get a little boring. So for those who would otherwise be sat staring at the wall or twiddling their thumbs in the departure lounge, here are a few things you can get up to whilst you wait to head off on holiday.

1)      Check out the duty free

I think we can all agree that duty free is one of the best things about airports. It’s great for any last minute replacements like lost sunglasses (a habit of mine). You can pick up some amazing deals on top fragrances, clothes, or a nice bottle of something to savour on your balcony when you arrive.

2)      Freshen up

Whilst in the duty free shops, be sure to wander past the free fragrance samples to spritz yourself with the latest perfumes and aftershaves. Not only will you feel a little better, you might just discover a new favourite for you holiday. 

3)      Wine and dine

The unwritten rule is that it’s fine to enjoy a nice glass of something at the airport, you’re on holiday after all. You’ll also usually find plenty of options for a good meal at any time of day. Just be careful to consider how far you’re going and how the size of your meal can cause jet lag when you arrive.

4)      Recharge your batteries

A lot of airports now have a ‘power station’ where you can charge your essentials. If not then don’t panic, have a look behind a seat in the departure lounge; more often than not you’ll find a socket nearby. Remember that certain airports may not let you through security if your battery is dead. 

5)      Find a hotspot

Most airports now offer free Wi-Fi to passengers, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. Make the most of it and find out what’s going on in resort or just surf the web. You can also check-in and let everyone know where you’re going on social media, and naturally, take your first holiday selfie.

6)      A bit of people watching

Airports are a great place to people watch. All of the comings and goings can make for some hilarious and heart-warming moments that are fun to witness from afar. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a celebrity. 

7)      Bury yourself in a good book

The bestsellers are a great place to start in the book shop and there’s lots of tips online. If you find yourself a gem, you’ll be all set for something to bury your nose in by the pool. Be sure to pick up a copy of your favourite magazine too for something a little lighter to read on the plane.

8)      Check-in at the airport lounge

Start your holiday in style in the airport lounge. They don’t cost as much as you might think and really help you get into the holiday mood. Indulge in great food and drink, relax in the comfortable seats and escape the noise of the busy terminal to unwind in peace. Start your holiday as you mean to go on!

How do you choose to pass the time at the airport? Let us know in the comments below!

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