Are Ski Resorts & Holidays


Åre is a distinctive resort stretching 10 km's along a frozen lake and luxuriating in a beautiful setting amid low blanketed mountains and snow-covered forests. The resort has four small centres and ski areas suited to every type of skier and holiday-maker. Not only is there warm, genuine hospitality, fantastic accommodation and snow-sure skiing, but also an abundance of fun and enthralling winter activities.

Beginners (3 out of 5)

Beginners will love the gently rolling slopes at Duved and the calm runs at Bjornen. The ski instructors are very highly regarded here and all speak English, in no time at all you will be feeling confident enough to progress to the larger slopes.

Intermediates (4 out of 5)

Intermediates are in their element here in Åre with a wonderful range of runs and areas to choose from along with some brilliantly challenging terrain.

Advanced (3 out of 5)

Advanced skiers will adore some of the steep slopes and runs including the famous World Cup run, in addition to some fantastic off-piste exploration. Those interested in cross country are truly spoiled with 70 Km's of piste

Snowboarding (2 out of 5)

Both beginners and experienced snowboarders will relish the pristine boarding conditions coupled with excellent terrain parks to practice your tricks on with jumps and a half pipe. The snowboard park is also floodlit in the evenings, adding to the fantastic ambience waiting for you.