Sweden Ski Resorts & Holidays


This beautiful country is a unique substitute to a ski holiday in the Alps, and its Northerly location means the country has superb snow conditions and fantastic resorts that are complementary to both families and beginners. Sweden has a wonderful natural landscape with enchanting forests, crystal-clear lakes and fjords and intense mountain terrain. Most areas have a serene and soothing feel to them with the typical Swedish attitude mixing with the tranquil and calming setting.

There is a wide range of terrain, slopes and runs throughout the resorts located in Sweden along with a fantastic number of cross country trails just waiting to be explored. The largest and most recognised resort is Årefjallen which is situated beside a frozen lake making it look like something from a fairytale.

The après ski is very laid back and pleasant, tying in with the nature of the people. Much of the entertainment is provided by local hotels, bars and cafes within the resorts however, live music and bands are often found in the larger towns and villages. The Scandinavian food is unpretentious and plentiful, with restaurants serving traditional specialities such as the smorgasbord, meatballs, reindeer and smoked fish.

Accommodation is predominantly set in cosy chalets and comfortable hotels, usually with the slopes and snow right at your front door. Sweden is the ideal family destination, English is widely spoken and there is a great range of winter activities and sports to enjoy such as tobogganing, ice climbing, ice fishing and dog sledding