Serbia Ski Resorts & Holidays


This Eastern European country has gradually been developing back into the budget ski resort that it was in the 1970's and 80's before the Serbian War and political unrest that followed. The country is a brilliant choice for both beginners and families who want to enjoy all the same characteristics and activities of a Western Europe ski holiday, but for a snip of the price. The facilities are constantly developing to provide the best resources for holidaymakers, and the setting of gorgeous mountain tops and snow-coated tree tops is simply breathtaking.

There is amazing snow coverage throughout the long, cold winter in Serbia, meaning that there is never a shortage of powder-perfect snow to practice and glide about on. The main resorts are Kopaonik, Brezovica and Tara, which provide predominantly gentle slopes and good English-spoken tuition for those who want that extra boost of confidence that is brought from ski lessons. The resonant culture of this charming country is still evident and the local amenities are constantly developing. Currently, the locations and purpose-built villages are inexpensive and somewhat restricted as Serbia continues to recover from its days of conflict.

You will find that the accommodation in and amongst the most popular resorts is mostly slope side apartments and hotels where much of the nightly entertainment is centred. For a livelier après ski, Kop is the most progressed region with bars, restaurants and live music. In regards to the food, there is a mixture of local and international cuisine. Serbia's fare is heavily influenced by Turkey, Greece and Hungary which constitutes much inclusion of meat and fruit with most meals. The prices of popular food and beverages means that eating out and entertaining the family needn't make you weep into your empty wallets; both beer and coke costing 80p per glass, and a full three course meal with wine costing approximately £12.

The beautiful resorts that lie uncrowded and inviting in Serbia, proffer many similar activities and amenities as pricier resorts in Western Europe. These include ice skating, skidoos, cross country skiing and horse-drawn sleigh rides. What currently seems to be a re-covered gem of a resort is quickly starting to flourish and grow and it will not be long before Serbia becomes a skier hotspot again.

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