Estepona Holidays


Still wears its Spanish colours proudly

Sea, mountains, and an amazing array of attractions for all tastes and ages are all on the menu when you choose an Estepona holiday from The Co-operative Travel.

This attractive resort in the Malaga province on the perennially popular Costa del Sol still wears its Spanish colours proudly, despite the annual influx of thousands of visitors from all corners of Europe.

Everything that's good about Spain is encapsulated in an Estepona holiday. Beaches that range from the bustling to the tranquil, and hotels which cater for all tastes and budgets, but which are largely confined to the town's outskirts, so that in the central area you can still breathe in the authentic atmosphere.

The central Plaza de las Flores is a great place to grab a coffee (or something stronger) and watch the world pass by, and the Calle Terraza is the area to head for to hunt down some distinctive souvenirs.

The many and varied beaches and coves are all surveyed by Estepona's seven watchtowers. These stretch along more than 12 miles of coastline, and a couple have been bestowed with the valued EU blue flag for their cleanliness

Sports and evening entertainment in Estepona

As the day comes towards its end, head towards the marina, and the white-walled square close by, where the locally-caught fish will become dish of the day in many of the cafes, restaurants and tapas bars.

Estepona eases down as the night wears on, but then bursts back into life at midnight, as the Marina and Calle Caridad's clubs get the party started.

Sports enthusiasts can turn their hands to golf or horse-riding, while the beaches play host of a variety of watersports, tempting you to try something new.

With 325 days of sunshine a year, an Estepona holiday will deliver the sun, and so much more, So see the latest package holiday deals and all-inclusive holiday offers available from The Co-operative Travel, and get set to grab your Spanish adventure by the horns!

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