Cala San Vincente Holidays


Authentic Spanish flavour

Step into a piece of Majorca that has largely resisted the relentless march of the mass-market tourist, and discover Cala San Vincente, with The Co-operative Travel.

Cala San Vincente, on the island's north-west coast, is one of its smallest resorts, and even before the arrival of the tourists in the early 1960's, the municipal district of Pollenca was one of the wealthiest areas on the island.

Links with the farming and fishing which were the island's main industries before the arrival of tourism are still very evident. Cala San Vincente is still essentially a fishing village, where visitors share the beach with the local fishermen who still use part of it for repairing their nets and storing goods.

Beaches and entertainment options in C0ala San Vincente

Much of the village is residential, so there are few hotels, and the authentic Spanish flavour is still largely undiluted.

The area boasts some rugged and dramatic scenery, and there are three beaches in the vicinity, all with fine sands, and dissolving into a beautifully clear sea with the cliffs of the Formentor peninsula as an imposing backdrop.

Bars and restaurants are, in keeping with the general atmosphere of Cala San Vincente, laid back and quiet, and if you want your nightlife to extend into the morning, this isn't the place for you.

But that's exactly why such a wide range of people find a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday such a draw - it's Majorca, but the more grown-up version.

So if Cala San Vincente sounds like your kind of Majorcan holiday, see the Co-operative Travel for the latest deals available.