Funchal Holidays


Escape to 'The Purple Island'

Get to the very heart of Madeira on a Funchal holiday from The Co-operative Travel.

Madeira's five-century-old capital is said to have been named 'Funchal'because of the abundance of fennel (funcho) that was growing there.

Funchal's location, rising from the harbour on gentle slopes and finally peaking at 1,200 metres, means it is naturally sheltered. This, in turn, has given it its favourable climate, and led to its population topping 100,000.

The city can easily be explored by foot and no matter where in the tourist area your hotel is located, you will find no difficulty in walking into the city centre.

Restaurants and activities in Funchal

Restaurant staff in Funchal often tout outside for business, so it's best to resist the temptation to be lured in until you find one you're really sure about. The old town and the area around the Savoy Hotel offer the greatest variety, while many of the resort's four and five-star hotels also boast top-quality restaurants which are open to the public.

Probably the most central point is the 'Sé' Cathedral. Built between 1493 and 1514 by Gil Eanes it represents one of Madeira's numerous treasures.

The waters of the Atlantic shoreline beckon you to go sailing, fishing, whale & dolphin spotting, water skiing, surfing, diving and of course swimming. Sea temperatures are moderate all year round, and for those who like to explore under the surface, the Garajau coastline offers one of Europe's first underwater nature reserves.

With the help of The Co-operative Travel, why not discover a Funchal package holiday or all inclusive offer, and put the 'fun' into Funchal?

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