Cesme Holidays


Ideal for a taste of the real Turkey

Come to Cesme with the Co-operative Travel, and you'll get some idea of what puts the 'gee' into the Aegean.

Still primarily a small fishing village, it is largely untouched by commercialism, and its culture is still clearly on show.

A Cesme package holiday or all-inclusive break is ideal for a taste of the real Turkey, so this means that, if you're shopping in the main street, it's not just welcomed if you haggle - it's expected! You'll also find that the shopkeepers won't overly bother you as you're walking along, unlike in some other Turkish resorts.

Accommodation in Cesme is varied and will suit every budget, and the resort is an easy hour's drive along the motorway from Izmir airport.

Beach-holidays and nightlife in Cesme

Among the must-see sights is the restored castle opposite the harbour which is still redolent of Ottoman times, and today houses an armaments museum. You can also enjoy boat trips to three different islands. As the resort lies on a peninsula, there is plenty of beach to explore. Split into three different areas, it is regarded as one of Turkey's finest and most beautiful.

Before the emergence of Izmir, Cesme was Turkey's principal port, and marked the end of the Silk Road for the caravans bringing their wares from central Asia via the Middle East.

At night time, a lively, fun atmosphere prevails, with many restaurants, cafes and bars to tempt you - including a handful which are English-owned. For a fine quality meal by candlelight, The Venue - owned by an Englishwoman and her Turkish husband - is recommended.

Nightlife in Cesme is refined and cultured in comparison to bustling Bodrum, and if you want to party well into the night, some establishments stay open until 5am.

To discover a less wild side to the Aegean, and sample real Turkish hospitality, a Cesme holiday from The Co-operative Travel is highly recommended.

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