Izmir Holidays


Ancient yet cosmopolitan

Enjoy a date with history on an Izmir package holiday or all-inclusive holiday.

The ancient yet cosmopolitan city of Izmir, Turkey offers a blend of historic sights and traditions and modern-day activities which make for a truly varied holiday, which you can enjoy on a holiday from The Co-operative Travel.

The Acropolis, which was situated at the top of a hill overlooking the city, has yielded numerous archaeological treasures which form the basis of displays in the city's museum of archaeology.

Still a bustling fishing port, the richness of the local fleet's catch is reflected in the cuisine offered in many of the city's restaurants - which prominently features sea bass, bream, oysters and octopus. The area is also renowned for the artichokes and melons which it produces and exports around the world.

But in common with prosperous cities around the world, Izmir shares a passion for shopping, making it a must-see destination if your holiday isn't complete without at least a little splurge.

Shopping in Izmir

For the ultimate shopaholic's treat, why not enjoy a seven-day break focused on exploring the city's markets and modern malls?

Leather and jewellery are prominent among the region's products, so should feature among any souvenirs of an Izmir holiday. Their excellent value helps make Izmir a good cheap holiday choice, but also a major factor in making Izmir such a popular holiday destination is the reasonable price you can be expected to pay to find top quality accommodation - it all makes Izmir the perfect choice when looking for a last minute deal!

Within easy reach of Izmir, you will find the town of Cesme, with its 16th century castle, a fine example of Ottoman architecture, and the hot springs.

Situated on the direct road from Izmir to Cesme, the water of the springs is maintained at a constant temperature, and is said to be particularly beneficial for sufferers of rheumatism, and skin and liver conditions.

An Izmir holiday from The Co-operative Travel will particularly appeal to you if you enjoy experiencing the best of what ancient and modern Turkey have to offer.

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