Bitez Holidays


Take in a slice of the real Turkey

Ideal for a Turkish holiday away from the bright lights of Bodrum and Gumbet, the resort of Bitez is ideal for a quiet sunshine break, with The Co-operative Travel.

If windsurfing or just relaxing in clear turquoise waters is your idea of holiday heaven, a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday will be a delight. A Bitez holiday is ideal for just relaxing on the beach, recharging those batteries, and just taking in a slice of the real Turkey.

The landscape around Bitez is lush and green, featuring an abundance of orange trees and olive groves, along with the extensive pine forests which are characteristic of the region.

In keeping with the relaxed ambience, the nightlife stays low-key, but there is a great selection of restaurants to be explored along the waterfront, and a handful of music bars to help you extend your day into the small hours. But simply stargazing across the water is enough to put most couples in a romantic mood.

By day, that beach forms a wide crescent of sand and smooth pebbles, and the languid waters are perfect for children to enjoy - although windsurfers and parasailors also mingle happily among the bathers and swimmers.

Bitez is an embarkation point for a number of boat trips, and many of Turkey's most awe-inspiring historical sites are easily reached, such as the 3,000-year-old remains of Troy, and Ephesus, and closer to hand, there are several charming inland walks to help you unwind.

So if you want a break where you will be guaranteed to be able to unwind, a Bitez package holiday from The Co-operative Travel is sure to fit the bill.

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