Afandou Holidays


A different kind of sanctuary

Discover the perfect shelter on an Afandou holiday with The Co-operative Travel.

To discover a Rhodes resort with hidden charms, let The Co-operative Travel take you off to Afandou.

The village of Afandou takes its name from the Greek word for 'invisible', because it could not be seen from the sea, and hence came into existence as a hiding place from pirates.

Nowadays, it offers a different kind of sanctuary. Although only 5km from the buzz of Faliraki, it is almost a world away. Filled with fruit-bearing and olive trees, the village is famous for its carpets.

Essential visits on your Afandou package holiday or all-inclusive break are the church of Our Lady, and the village's small folklore exhibition, and during summer a small road train connects the village to the beach.

The village boasts a 3km-long beach lapped by crystal clear waters. On its far left side of the beach, where the shore ends, you will find areas with rocks and caves.

Enjoy the beaches of a laid-back holiday resort

Afandou is a quiet resort, as befits one of Rhodes' biggest traditional settlements. It boasts several modern hotels, apartments and studios, where you can be assured of the famous Greek hospitality. Here you'll find numerous of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs, to choose from. Cooking has always been one of the strong points of hospitality and culture in Afandou.

Afandou has a long sand and shingle beach which is a great base for watersports, while Rhodes' only 18-hole golf course is directly next to it. Cycling or walking are the best ways to explore, as befits the village's relaxed atmosphere.

This also means it isn't overrun with bars, the only choices being a handful scattered along the beach promenade.

So if you want to see what there is to Rhodes beyond the buzz of Faliraki, see the Afandou holiday deals and holiday offers available from The Co-operative Travel.

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