Lourdas Holidays


kick back and sample the authentic flavour

Take your holiday as easily as you like when you come to the charming coast and countryside concoction that is Lourdas in Kefalonia with The Co-operative Travel.

A holiday in Lourdas is all about kicking back and sampling the authentic flavour of this favourite holiday island. Old traditions are alive and well here, but the locals embrace the many visitors who come to enjoy their biggest attraction - a huge, unspoilt sand and pebble beach that stretches to three miles.

It's a haven for watersports enthusiasts, with jet-skiing a particular favourite, and paragliding offering you the prospect of a bird's-eye view of this lovely resort and the surrounding area.

The beach itself has spawned a cluster of small bars and restaurants, and you'll find that these make a convenient and welcome rest stop before you head back up the hill into the village itself.

The village square is a magnet for the locals, who frequent the tavernas and offer traditional hospitality to holiday visitors.

Its remarkably authentic charms can be enjoyed on either a Lourdas package holiday or all-inclusive holiday from The Co-operative Travel, which will clearly show you why the village is considered a rising star for visitors to Kefalonia.

As the sun sets, you'll be stopped in your tracks by the breathtaking views it reveals, which should give you all the inspiration you need to drift away amid a quiet night of excellent food, fine cocktails, and a truly relaxing feel.

If the night-time spurs you into action of a more lively kind, then Argostoli, Kefalonia's capital, is a mere 15-minute drive away, and offers more opportunities to step up the pace.

But really, a Lourdas holiday from The Co-operative Travel is all about relaxing - so book your place to be sure of securing your favoured dates.

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