Halkidiki Holidays


A perennial favourite holiday destination

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Halkidiki is one of the first names anyone ever thinks of when Greek holidays are mentioned - and with good reason.

The combination of a rich heritage, crystal-clear sea, beautiful beaches - considered by many to be the best in Greece - and a good choice of places to stay means that it is a perennial favourite holiday destination for travellers, with something to make it a memorable destination for everybody.

The three peninsulas in which Halkidiki sits also boast some unspoilt villages with historical monuments and artefacts stretching through primeval, ancient, Byzantine and modern ages.

South-east of Greece's second city, Salonika (Thessaloniki), Halkidiki is easy to explore thanks to good road links between all the major settlements.

It also boasts one of the best-known Monastic states in the world, in Mount Athos. Its laws sadly prohibit women, children and even female animals from entering, but its 20 monasteries have played a central role in the history of Orthodox art.

Elsewhere though, everyone enjoys the rare combination of natural beauty, traditional architecture, and a culture where peace and tranquility and the attractions of modern nightlife sit comfortably side-by-side.

Halkidiki is also a very lush, green area which you will enjoy exploring as you venture out to find some of the numerous secluded beaches, where you will find people enjoying a variety of sports, as well as simply relaxing.

At lower levels, the area enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate, but it does become cooler as you venture into the mountains.

The area's tourism industry is well developed, and as you would expect, offers attractions and pursuits for all ages. But it is equally easy to escape the overt commercialism and discover an altogether more tranquil, laid-back holiday destination.

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