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Rethymnon - all you ever wanted from Crete

Discover the quintessential Crete holiday from The Co-operative Travel at the resort of Rethymnon.

The central Cretan town of Rethymnon has a spirit of independence which gives it a special appeal to many travellers, particularly those on the lookout for the best last minute deals. Rethymnon is a place of beautiful picturesque views and untouched architecture, making it a destination of choice for traveller looking for an intensely cultural experience.

Originally settled by the Minoans, it became an important cultural centre to the extent that it even enjoyed sovereign status, and minted its own coins

The old town is dominated by Venetian and Ottoman buildings including mosques, public baths, fountains, and Catholic churches, which give it a quaint feel, and contrasts sharply with the numerous more modern developments elsewhere on the island.

Rethymnon is also surrounded by typically wild and unspoilt Cretan landscape, giving the area a touch of drama and atmosphere which is definitely lacking in some of the island's other destinations

The superb golden, sandy beaches of Rethymnon are famous throughout Greece for their unspoiled beauty and mirror-like emerald waters. The most famous beach on the island is the wonderful Navagio (Shipwreck) Beach which has fine white volcanic sand and turquoise waters. But its most striking feature, from which it gets its name, is the remains of a ship which can be seen emerging from its perfect sand.

The towns, and surrounding areas varied scenery means visitors can experience the full flavour of this magical island and its ageless appeal to so many visitors.

Let The Co-operative Travel guide you to your ideal Rethymnon package holiday or Rethymnon all-inclusive holiday, and be your doorway to discovering the best that a Crete holiday has to offer.

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