Heraklion Holidays


A rich archaeological heritage

Crete's major city, and the portal through which the vast majority of its visitors arrive, Heraklion holidays offer a great way to explore the traditions and attractions which have made the island such a popular destination.

A city recognised worldwide for the richness of its archaeological heritage, Heraklion allows visitors to get close to its choicest sites, yet ensures that they respect them, and do nothing to jeopardise their appeal to future generations.

Matala beach is the main sun-worshippers' spot, and this too has played an intriguing part in the island's history, as its large tracts of ancient earth were once excavated by Romans to build large chambers. These later became popular as holiday homes for the native Greeks, but were commandeered by the Germans for use as storerooms in the Second World War.

As you might expect, Heraklion is well equipped to cater for visitors, with a wide spread of types of accommodation serving as bases for Heraklion package holidays and all-inclusive holidays.

You'll have no trouble finding places to sample authentic Greek cuisine, but restaurants also incorporate traces of other Mediterranean styles, especially Italian.

Heraklion's nightlife brings in visitors from all over the island to experience traditional Cretan music blended with more cosmopolitan influences that produces a concoction that's ideal for taking you through into the small hours.

Your souvenir shopping will also spoil you for choice, with the six-days-a-week open air market leading the attractions and offering plenty of choice. Remember, though, that many shops close for the early afternoon, and stay open until around 8pm.

Your Heraklion holiday is sure to be one of amazing sights and unforgettable experiences. So check the availability of your preferred dates and departure airport with The Co-operative Travel today, and you'll be one step closer to unwrapping all the treats of Crete.

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