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one of the region's most authentic and complex cities

Pula is set in fabulous surroundings in the Istrian region of Croatia, and is one of the region's most authentic and complex cities.

Unlike other Istrian destinations, Pula has a flourishing life apart from the tourist business. It's an important shipbuilding centre, harking back to the days when it was an important naval port under Austro-Hungarian rule. Meanwhile, the Romans' love of Pula led to them making it their administrative headquarters

This means that Pula is blessed with plenty of Roman ruins, including the Forum and Temple of Augustus right in the heart of town. But the most spectacular by far is the Roman amphitheatre, which is still heavily used for performances each summer. Many archaeological finds from the temple are stored in underground passages which were once housed prison cells and cages, but are now open to more casual visitors.

Pula is a short distance from the finest beach on the Verudela peninsula, at Stoja. This long stretch of sand dips into the sea like a giant toe, and behind the beach you'll find the area's main concentration of hotels, restaurants and sports facilities.

experience fine cuisine in istria

There are many highlights to Istrian cuisine, as served in many of Pula's restaurants. The smoking process of the meat and mix of spices used to make the locally-produced dried ham are both closely-guarded secrets, while scampi buzara, locally-caught scampi or prawns in a tomato and white wine sauce, is also a speciality. But perhaps the best-known local delicacy is truffles, which can be found in both white and black varieties, and are delicious in an omelette or stirred into fresh pasta.

This is also an area which boasts the peninsula's best nightlife with the imaginatively converted Fort Bourguignon, an old Napoleonic stronghold which now lets down its defences to welcome a young crowd up for a party all year round, providing a memorable night out.

Pula boasts a tremendous variety of accommodation, offering package holidays and all-inclusive holidays. As previously mentioned, Verudela is the area to head for to find the most modern facilities, but the town centre also offers hotels and guest houses in more historic and sedate surroundings, with the added benefit of being handy for the town¿s museums and ancient buildings.

A beautiful and historic holiday destination, Pula manages to attract both lovers of heritage and fantastic scenery, and a younger element for whom fun is high on the agenda. Check with The Co-operative Travel today to see what all-inclusive holidays and package holidays are available on a Pula holiday, or to book now to ensure that you secure the dates you are looking for.

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