Dubrovnik Holidays


Heaven on earth in Croatia

Dubrovnik has a richly colourful culture and history. Stroll through the cobbled streets and narrow alleyways admiring the ancient architecture, or walk along the stone ramparts of the city walls for the best view of this magnificent town, or simply relax in the sun-soaked cafes and watch the world go by.

The old town, dating from the 7th century, is enclosed by city walls built in the 12th century. The buildings of the town represent a cross-section of medieval architectural styles and remain well preserved. The centre of the town is the Stradun, its main street, which was originally a channel separating an island from the mainland, being later filled in to join the two opposite towns into the merged city of Dubrovnik.

There are numerous churches, monasteries and museums to explore amongst the natural beauty of the enchanting lakes, lush landscapes, white pebble beaches and crystalline seas. A Dubrovnik holiday can be as laid back or as active as you like.

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