Montego Bay Holidays


A unique capacity to delight

It will be difficult to find a more characterful and varied holiday resort than Jamaica's Montego Bay - and you can take in all it has to offer on a holiday with The Co-operative Travel.

A name which has been synonymous with Caribbean holidays ever since the trade discovered them, Montego Bay still leaves its mark on thousands of new visitors every year.

Ten miles of beautiful beaches, washed by clear Caribbean waters, have each developed an individual character which means that there is no one ideal Montego Bay beach - they all have a unique capacity to delight.

Visitors who take a Montego Bay package holiday or all-inclusive holiday cover all age groups, so the resort's tone sings out to everyone - quite literally in the case of Cornwall beach, where impromptu reggae performances often feature.

Exclusive new 18-hole golf courses, complete with upmarket hotels have brought Montego Bay renewed attention, but a variety of other sports and pastimes are equally well catered for, such as diving, a massive range of other watersports, horse riding and fishing.

Montego Bay also has The Bob Marley experience, with original memorabilia on display, and hourly screenings of a film about this musical and cultural icon.

The food and drink in the bars and restaurants of Montego Bay are international, with even a few English bars scattered around. But the Pelican Restaurant is a top recommendation for more authentic offerings, such as ackee and salted codfish with boiled green bananas, and even sweet potato and bread pudding for dessert.

A Montego Bay holiday from The Co-operative Travel is essential if you want to capture the true rhythms of Caribbean life. So if it's a groove you could easily get into, check out the range of holiday deals and offers available from The Co-operative Travel for your chosen dates.

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