Falmouth Holidays


Get in tune with the pulse of real Jamaican life

Named after one of the original Cornish seaside resorts, Falmouth on Jamaica's north coast offers everything you could want from a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday in the Caribbean.

A sleepy resort, Falmouth is a characterful town just over 20 miles east of Montego Bay and the island's main airport.

Fabulous beaches stretch out along either side of Falmouth town, their golden sand, clear waters, and lush greenery perfectly matching that picture of a Caribbean idyll that you've always had in your head.

All-Inclusive holiday options in Falmouth

Falmouth has the added bonus of still showing evidence of its Georgian roots, but there are plenty of more modern excursions to be had, such as boat trips and air tours to help you truly appreciate the landscape and marine life.

All-inclusive holidays are the way most visitors choose to discover this remarkable place, but it will pay to find the time and inclination to venture further afield, especially for a visit to Time 'n' Place, an authentic Jamaican beach bar with a hot reputation for its daiquiris, the Jamaican rum cocktail.

With its mix of relaxed beaches and hotels with outstanding facilities, Falmouth entices couples and families of all ages.

So to discover the real spirit of Jamaica - the rum aside, of course - a Falmouth holiday from The Co-operative Travel is the way to go. Check out our latest package holiday deals and offers today.

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