Varadero Holidays


An Island of Intrigue

Take off to a different Caribbean experience by booking a Varadero holiday with The Co-operative Travel!

Varadero is Cuba's premier beach resort and tourist Mecca, situated on a spit of land that reaches out into the Atlantic, a two-hour drive east from Havana.

Its warm, transparent waters and beautiful setting have been the catalyst which has seen it develop into the largest resort complex in the Caribbean, with more than 50 hotels.

Like so many places elsewhere on the Caribbean, its reputation has been founded on the wide availability of all-inclusive holidays, which mean that visitors will find everything they need close to hand.

Varadero Activities and Attractions

Varadero's 13-mile long beach includes 23 dive locations, many of which are world-renowned, and even if you haven't dived before, the resort has many centres offering beginners' courses. The tranquil Caribbean Sea also invites you to sample windsurfing, kayaking, parasailing and deep sea fishing.

Given the number of American visitors Varadero attracts, it's no surprise that its largest shopping complex is called Plaza America, and panders directly to their consumer instincts.

The all-pervading nature of the all-inclusive holiday around Varadero, together with the fact that its restaurants are government-owned, mean that they cater primarily for local tastes, so their authenticity can't be doubted. There are, however, several fast food outlets for a more international eating experience.

Growing numbers of sun-seeking European, Canadian and American tourists flock here for the warm aquamarine waters, sun and fun that are afforded by all-inclusive packages. There are 23 world-renowned dive spots along this 13-mile (21km) stretch of beach, not to mention numerous restaurants, cabaret spots, nightclubs, water and land sport opportunities, skydiving centre, golf courses, and much more.

Varadero's night life is vibrant and varied, and the live music, cabaret shows, discos and dance clubs appeal equally to locals and tourists.

A Varadero package holiday from The Co-operative Travel will offer you a complete Caribbean experience, from the beautiful beaches and scenery to the unrivalled sports and entertainment opportunities. So why not venture there soon?

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