Bermuda Holidays


One of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world

Come to relaxed Bermuda on a holiday from The Co-operative Travel, and experience why this arresting group of islands has become one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world.

Beautiful offshore coral reefs, lying at the bottom of the glass-clear sea, were once an unseen hazard which earned the territory the nickname Devil's Island due to the hazards they presented to sailors. Yet to so many modern holidaymakers, this is more like heaven than any other place on earth.

And when you step onto the beaches with their pink sand, and wander around looking at and relaxing in the many beautiful gardens and parks, you can imagine Mother Nature exhausting all the colours in her paintbox in creating these magical islands.

The seven principal islands are no bigger than a small city, but about as far away as you can get in atmosphere and character, despite this being the third most densely populated country on Earth. With no skyscrapers, neon lights, parking meters or income tax, it's almost as if someone has cast this one-time British colony adrift from mainland USA, and it has become frozen in time

With a climate that consists of just two main seasons - a fresh spring, followed by a warm summer, you can understand why the former British rulers became so attached to the island.

And in the capital, Hamilton, the British influence is at its most noticeable, with the horse-drawn carriages, policemen directing traffic, and buildings such as the Royal Yacht Club among the most obvious signs.

With the highest concentration of golf courses per square mile of anywhere in the world, Bermuda spoils you for choice for chances to play 18 holes under cloudless skies.

Explore the range of accommodation options in Bermuda

Underwater explorers should head to Warwick Long Bay to swim with the tropical fish, or head to discover the offshore wrecks.

Bed-and-breakfasts, old-style colonial inns, cottages and apartments, and, for the ultimate in elegance resort hotels, offer accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets on your package holiday or all-inclusive holiday.

The islands' fishermen provide plenty of the raw ingredients on which Bermudan cuisine is based, including for such traditional dishes as codfish and bananas or shark fritters. At a seafront restaurant in the West End of Bermuda you can try spicy fish chowder, or in Hamilton sample wahoo game fish and sweet potato pudding.

Nightlife in the capital, Hamilton, and second city St George's offers plenty of laid-back bars serving exotic rum cocktails, but there is also a good variety of beers to try, and you may well find live bands playing in some of the more prominent venues.

If you want to whisk someone special off to a paradise island - or be whisked away yourself - then a Bermuda holiday from The Co-operative Travel will tick all the boxes. Check us out for availability of last-minute holidays or special late deals and offers which could mean that paradise break is easier on your pocket than you might expect!

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