Pattaya Holidays


Big resort city on Thailands Riviera

A Pattaya holiday will present you with the full spectrum of Thailand¿s contrasting atmosphere, and you can experience it all here with The Co-operative Travel.

Known as Thailand's Riviera, Pattaya is a big resort city, with some top-class hotels at its heart, and lots of more laid-back alternatives also close to hand on its outskirts.

Pattaya's beaches are long, sandy stretches fringed by palms, with the calm waters of the gulf of Thailand lapping at their shores. This makes them ideal for enjoying swimming, along with a good selection of water sports. Jomtien beach, three miles along the coast, is an especially fine example. To find more secluded beaches, take a boat to Coral Island or Larm Island.

A major attraction on a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday to Pattaya is the range of shopping which the resort offers, and you'll find plenty of large shopping malls along with smaller souvenir-sellers.

As you explore you will still see signs of the daily Thai traditions - people offering flowers at their house shrines, offering morning alms to the local Buddhist monks, and the glittering temples (wats) shining in the sun.

Explore the nightlife in Pattaya

After the sun sets, things really hot up in Pattaya. Bars and restaurants compete for your custom, and the world-famous cabaret shows are without doubt great fun.

The entertainment on a Pattaya holiday is big and bold but never boring. Its bright lights and cosmopolitan shows attract people from all walks of life.

Known as Thailand's 'Riviera', this is a big resort city with some top class hotels located right in the heart of Pattaya, but for those looking for a less hectic time without being too far away from it all, head for the resort outskirts.

Find out about any late deals and last-minute holidays to Pattaya by contacting The Co-operative Travel, and enjoy a taste of the real Thailand.

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