Chiang Rai Holidays


Chiang Rai holidays - Thailand

Come with The Co-operative Travel on a Chiang Rai holiday and visit the fascinating northern extremities of Thailand known as the 'Golden Triangle'.

The Mekong river in the north of the province marks the border with Burma (Myanmar) and Laos, and the area is blessed with stunning scenery, through which you can enjoy an elephant trek.

On a holiday in Chiang Rai you're in the perfect place for an adventure to a local hill tribe village or to visit one of the colourful and bustling local markets.

Why not climb Buffalo Horn Hill for a panoramic view back down into Chiang Rai? Motorbike trips scale the climb, and the view from the top is especially spectacular around sunset.

Take a trip 20 miles out of Chiang Rai to see the 70 metre high Khun Kon waterfall, another of the province's most awe-inspiring sights.

Caves which have become Buddhist shrines and hot water springs where you can sit, relax and rejuvenate yourself also draw many visitors on a Chiang Rai holiday.

Hotels and accommodation in Chiang Rai

There is a great range of Chiang Rai hotels offering accommodation for all budgets and tastes, ranging from five-star luxury for those looking to push the boat out on a all inclusive holiday or package holiday, to excellent value lodgings with more basic facilities for the cost-conscious traveller.

As darkness falls, the night bazaar by Chiang Rai's bus station becomes the hub of much activity, with street vendors and musicians much in evidence.

If you're looking for somewhere to eat, you'll find authentic Thai food at Bai Bon on Uttarakit Road, while a traditional northern Khantoke meal - served to you at low tables as you kneel or sit cross-legged at them - seek out the Saban Nga restaurant. Otherwise, seafood, pizza and Japanese cuisine are also available.

For souvenirs of your Chiang Rail holiday, try the Night Bazaar, a great market full of traditional crafts such as weaving, carving and jewellery. Open from sunset to 11.30pm, it's a great chance to enjoy a good browse among stalls selling locally-produced handicrafts.

You'll become immersed in Thai culture on a Chiang Rai holiday, and if it sounds like your ideal quick getaway, check to see the deals and offers available on a last-minute holiday from The Co-operative Travel today.