Penang Holidays


Mile after mile of white sandy beaches

Experience a holiday which brings together culture, natural delights and shopping when you opt to come to Penang in Malaysia, with The Co-operative Travel. You'll experience everything that goes into creating one of Asia's best holiday destinations.

Since becoming a free port, it has regularly attracted trade from rival Asian destinations, as well as legions of holidaymakers from China, India and much further afield.

This has prompted the development of a myriad of hotels and guest houses, ranging from unbridled five-star luxury to more basic accommodation which perfectly suits travellers on a tight budget. As a result there is a great choice available, whether you're booking a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday.

The main resort area of Batu Ferringhi is where to head for the best beaches, as well as the best-value accommodation. Many of the beach chalets and guest houses face the sea, and its miles of white, sandy beach and swaying palm trees soon lull holidaymakers into total relaxation.

Georgetown, Penang's capital, was named a World Heritage site in 1998. Founded in 1786 by George Light, a trader with the British East India Company, it is considered an architectural gem because of its remaining colonial-era buildings. There are also plenty of options here for places to stay.

Book a beach holiday in Penang

Forty minutes out of Georgetown to the coast, the pace of life is much slower, and glorious white beaches such as Haunted House Beach, Shamrock Beach and Miami Beach offer a great opportunity to just relax.

These are all great spots for water-skiing and a range of other water sports. For the best views of Penang and to see the lush vegetation, take the funicular railway to the top of Penang Hill.

When you decide to eat you'll almost be spoiled for choice. Thanks to the city's diverse cultural influences, there is an array of different cuisines on offer, but the favourite local dish is one familiar to many British people. Satay here is taken to mean a meat kebab served in a spicy peanut sauce not dissimilar to what might be served in many restaurants here.

So much variety can be discovered in Penang that there's little wonder it has long been a favourite holiday destination. If it's late deals you¿re looking for then see The Co-operative Travel for the availability of last-minute holidays to Penang.

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