Kuala Lumpur Holidays


One of the most Cosmopolitan Capital Cities on Earth

Mind-bogglingly modernistic, but openly acknowledging its humble beginnings, a Kuala Lumpur holiday with The Co-operative Travel will introduce you to one of the most cosmopolitan capital cities on Earth.

The capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a city which loves shopping, and as a result there are more than 90 markets offering traditional handicrafts, as well as huge, air-conditioned malls which offer lots of brilliant bargains usually of high quality.

On a package holiday or all-inclusive holiday to Kuala Lumpur you will be struck by the wide range of cultures which play a part in daily life. This is because the city has been ruled by many different countries down the years - including the British, Indian, Chinese and Japanese - each one leaving its mark on the city of today and especially noticeable in the thriving Chinatown and Little India districts.

The provision of accommodation catering for visitors of all nationalities, and on all budgets has been an important aspect of Kuala Lumpur's development. Of course, there are many high-rise hotels among those awe-inspiring towers, but you will also find more down-to-earth choices (in all senses of the phrase) around Chinatown.

Enjoy the distinct taste of Malaysian cuisine

Malaysia's cuisine is founded on abundant supplies of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables with heaps of succulent seafood. These are usually prepared using spices from India and Thailand to create unique spicy combinations.

The city is dominated by the twin edifices of the Petronas Towers, a massive space-age building which once vied for the title of the tallest in the world. The tops of the towers aren't open to visitors, but a limited number are allowed to cross the sky bridge link between the 41st and 42nd floors each morning and afternoon - join the queue for a ticket.

Seven miles south-west of Kuala Lumpur is Sunway Lagoon, a huge theme park boasting the world's biggest surf-wave pool, while more centrally, Lake Gardens is an area of manicured greenery which houses an aviary, butterfly park, insect museum, planetarium, and pleasant orchid and hibiscus gardens.

A Kuala Lumpur Holiday is an entree into a brave new world, where the latest technology and architecture live side-by-side with traditional Malaysian enclaves. You won't find many more diverse cities anywhere, so if you want to check out the availability of late deals or last-minute holidays, visit The Co-operative Travel.

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