Malaysia Holidays


A fascinating, enigmatic, one-off holiday experience

Prepare yourself for a truly one-off holiday experience when you opt for a Malaysia holiday from The Co-operative Travel.

Nowhere else brings you such an enigmatic mix of sprawling, fast-paced cities, lush tropical rainforest and unspoilt, relaxing beaches all within such easy reach.

You could start off your package holiday or all-inclusive holiday with a visit to the amazing metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, where the awesome mix of old and new in the shape of colonial buildings, long-standing street markets and space-age modern architecture will leave its mark on you for a long time.

Downtown KL, as the city is almost universally known, offers rich pickings for souvenir and bargain-hunters among the stalls at Chow Kit market, while modern shopping malls draw in visitors like moths to a giant flame.

Beach-lovers certainly won't be disappointed by the delights of a Malaysia holiday, either. The best resorts are the numerous little islands just off the peninsula's west coast. The atmosphere of these tropical islands, or lauts, is in marked contrast to the bustle of KL, being largely relaxed and much more gently paced. More tranquil beach holiday destinations include Pangkor and Langkawi, while you'll find the pace in Penang a little livelier.

taste the local Malaysian cuisine

Malaysian cuisine is a melting pot of influences, and notable value. Indian and Thai influences are clear in many more spicy concoctions, often tempered by the addition of coconut milk. Regional and national specialties are available everywhere from no-frills roadside diners to up market city restaurants.

You get good value for your pound in Malaysian shops and street markets, so locally produced arts and crafts and, of course, a massive range of electronic goods should all tempt you. In KL itself, you can shop in air-conditioned comfort in a number of modern malls.

f you're tempted to go wild on your Malaysia holiday, you really won't want to miss the wildlife riches of Borneo. Renowned as one of the world¿s richest habitats, you should see plenty of the native orangutans. There are also numerous nature reserves where a variety of protected species can be seen close-up.

Such a fascinating destination offering a variety of memorable experiences, a Malaysia holiday from The Co-operative Travel will offer natural and man-made sights of beauty and ingenuity in equal measure.

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