All Inclusive Caribbean Holidays

Wherever you stay in the Caribbean you will be assured of an exceptionally warm welcome accompanied by plentiful white sandy beaches backed by palm trees. With much to see and do, the Caribbean offers plenty of opportunity for cheap package holidays or all-inclusive holidays that can all be arranged with us at The Co-operative Travel.

Relaxing in the Caribbean

Many of the islands offer picture perfect beaches such as the heart shaped beach at Magens Bay on St Thomas or Orient Beach on St Martin where adults can relax and recharge your batteries whilst the more activity-inclined can take advantage of the crystal clear waters. On all inclusive holidays, the kids can join one of the many children's activity clubs so there is plenty to keep them occupied too. The Caribbean weather is warm all year round making it a perfect holiday destination at any time of year.

Food in the Caribbean

Caribbean food is plentiful and varied with an abundance of fresh fish, seafood and local tropical fruits to enjoy - and all inclusive holidays mean you can try it all. West Indian food has a distinctive flavor and is often spicy rather than hot. A typical menu may include pumpkin or callaloo soup, fresh fish, lobster or crab, conch and rice 'n' peas often served in coconut milk. Bananas, plantain, mangoes and coconuts are just a sample of the variety of fruits on offer. Rum is the national drink and is the base for many cocktails although local beers and soft drinks are always available. For a real treat, buy a coconut from a street vendor who will slice the top off with a machete and serve the coconut to you with a straw.

Out and about on package holidays in the Caribbean

Hiring a car is the most convenient way to get around, although the buses are low cost and plentiful. To see as much of the island as possible try a bicycle and follow an island trail. For anyone who fancies a change from the beautiful beaches, hiking sessions can be arranged through the Caribbean rainforest or you can try snorkelling surrounded by stingrays, sponges and colourful fish.

Experience a carnival for a real taste of the Caribbean

Carnivals here take place at various times of year throughout the different islands of the Caribbean. Time your holiday to coincide with one of the many carnivals, which are a heady mix of sights, sounds and smells with colourful costumes, elaborately decorated floats and a good time for all. To really experience the delights of the Caribbean we can book your all inclusive holidays and package deals here at The Co-operative Travel.

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